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Garet&Co Classes are a great way for advanced dancers to supplement their training in a professional and positive environment!

upcoming garet&co classes:

spring break classes (1).png

about garet&co classes:

 Garet&Co hosts Open Company Classes throughout the year, open to adult professional dancers and advanced 13 & over dancers.

These classes are 90 minute contemporary dance classes led by Garet, with a focus on breath and expansive movement throughout the body, control and balance, and storytelling through choreographic phrases.

Garet&Co also hosts open Junior Classes throughout the year, open to advanced 7-12 year old students with a passion for dance. All Junior Classes are led by Garet. In Garet&Co Junior Classes, dancers work on contemporary technique and then learn a phrase to increase attention to detail, performance quality, the ability to breathe have fun while dancing. All are welcome! 


Periodically, Garet&Co hosts Community Workshops, Company Classes led by Garet&Co Pro Members, as well as Garet&Co Guest Classes with outside choreographers. Stay tuned for these class offerings!

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