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Open Classes

Garet&Co's "Open Company Classes" are 90 minute contemporary dance classes led by Garet, with a focus on breath and expansive movement throughout the body, control and balance, and storytelling through choreographic phrases. Open Company Classes are a haven for dancers to come be inspired, challenge themselves, and feel a strong sense of community support. All 13&over and adult dancers are welcomed and invited to attend!

Junior Classes

Garet&Co also hosts open Junior Classes throughout the year, open to advanced 7-12 year old students with a passion for dance. All Junior Classes are led by Garet. In Garet&Co Junior Classes, dancers work on contemporary technique and then learn a phrase to increase attention to detail, performance quality, the ability to breathe and have fun while dancing. All are welcome!


Upcoming Classes



Experience the joy, heartbreak, and catharsis of contemporary dance at Garet&Co’s upcoming performances! Check out our events calendar to find our upcoming performances.

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