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"and sometimes i wish"

"and sometimes i wish" is a whispered cry for help from the inside of someone with many sides of themselves; all fighting for dominance and simultaneously destroying the whole. This piece is a depiction of the strength required to continuously search for freedom despite the inevitable truth of captivity: where no matter how far you run, you can never truly escape yourself.


“and sometimes i wish” began as a dance film in June 2021 that went on to win the Dance Cinema Award at Frostbite Indie Film Fest and 3rd Prize at Emotion and Soul Film Festival. We then transformed the film into a live piece that was performed at Ku-Yang Lin & Dancers “Inhale” Series, and was the 1st Prize winner of Nacre Dance Group’s “So You Think You Can Choreograph.” “and sometimes i wish” then marked Garet&Co.’s NYC debut when we performed for Emerging Artist Theatre’s “New Work Series,” and then  was showcased again in NYC at Dixon Place for Creative Performance’s “8 in Show.” We are looking forward to continuing to develop “and sometimes i wish.”


"fester" is my attempt to understand the way I process anger. I have never been a very loud person. More often than not, I find myself experiencing the moving world around me on a very internal level, processing my thoughts internally rather than allowing them to escape my control. It is no surprise then, that I have frequently been classified as ‘quiet,’ ‘nice,’ ‘ shy’. And while my internal system of processing has enabled me to exist without many outward ruptures, it also exists in a cycle. Every choice, every emotion- even blame- is cycled back into the life inside my own head; fault facing inwards. 

What does it mean to be angry in a cycle that starts and ends with yourself? Rage, on a constant and never ending loop? External silence, internal wounds festering. 

"fester was created as Garet's senior piece at NYU Tisch- however, during this time (late 2020-early 2021) the dancers had to remain 6 feet apart and be masked for the performance. Garet recreated "fester" with Garet&Co., allowing the piece to take a new, post-pandemic shape with more interaction and connection between the dancers. "fester" has been showcased in "Spring For Spring Festival," Sonia Plumb Dance Company's "Pop Up Performance," and iKada Contemporary Dance's "Ko Da Fe NYC."


"WONDERFUL" attempts to process the complexities and hypocrisies of the world around us- both the natural and the social; the earth and the humans that shape the earth. "WONDERFUL" deals with the sense of being all alone despite the abundance of life around us; of feeling trapped despite earth’s endless potential for freedom. WONDERFUL is both a dream and a prayer, a nightmare and a plea, and everything that is felt in between. ​


"WONDERFUL" began as a dance film that was released in May of 2020 and went on to be showcased in Rogue Dancer Film Fest in July 2020. Sacred Heart University chose Garet as their 2022 Emerging Choreographer Fellow based on this film. For her commission at Sacred Heart University, Garet transformed the film into a live stage piece for Sacred Heart University's Dance Company. Garet then set the piece on Garet&Co, where it was showcased in "Dance Bloc NYC" at Dixon Place and in Connecticut Dance Alliance's "5X5" in November 2022.

"reflections of a younger me"

"reflections of a younger me" is a duet exploring the relationship between one’s current self and one’s younger self. Each unknown to the other, both versions of the self are experiencing the same cyclical process of love into heartbreak, though at different stages of life and for different reasons. The younger self is experiencing the first signs of the real world, where people can get hurt, and even the people who seem the most stable can fall. The older self is experiencing this sense of unraveling on a larger scale, where their life is falling apart and their heart is breaking. While experiencing this, the current self is forced to reflect on experiencing this same process as a child. "reflections of a younger me" captures the sense of continuing to move forward despite being utterly lost. "reflections of a younger me" is an exploration of healing; of the numbness that lingers after overwhelming love turns into unfathomable pain, leading to emptiness, and finally, to rebirth- broken pieces of the self rebuilding into a new, soft, strength. 

"reflections of a younger me" was first created for an in-studio showing at NYU Tisch, and then was showcased for The Craft NYC 2021 on Governor's Island. Most recently, "reflections of a younger me was showcased for Artist After Hours' "Emerging Artist Showcase." 

"Big God"