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Project Type

Performance, Film

Full Length Premiere

March 2023




Garet Wierdsma in collaboration with the dancers



Live Presentations

"Spark Theatre Festival," Emerging Artist Theatre, 2023 (Full Length Premiere)
"Artistic Dance Festival," Artistic Dance Conservatory, 2023
"ECLIPSE," The Warner Theatre, 2024


The Ethel Walker School, 2022
Sacred Heart University, 2022

Film Selections

WADEinto Activism, 2020

“everyday&everynight” is an attempt to understand cycles of abuse, generational trauma, and the ways that we as humans have been taught to be violent with ourselves and our own bodies since we were children. “everyday&everynight” explores the relationship of authority/guardian figure to child, and the twisted lessons that are taught when guardian figures have not ended a cycle of abuse within themselves. Cycles of abuse come in so many forms, including within oneself. Self hate, self harm, and an inability to care about oneself is often forged in lessons that we are taught by the actions of those we trust and admire. Self-hatred is a collective and cumulative disease, yet it is felt in isolation- kindred souls feel alien, only imaginable in dreams.

“everyday&everynight” was first created as a dance film for the virtual festival WADEinto Activism in November 2020. Garet then restaged the work as a live dance performance for her February 2022 commission at the Ethel Walker School. In November 2022, Garet extended upon the work again during her commission at Sacred Heart University. Since these commissions, Garet has continued to explore and expand upon the piece, and has set the piece on Garet&Co. On March 26th 2023, Garet&Co debuted the live piece in NYC for the Spark Theatre Festival. Garet&Co performed the full live piece again on May 13th 2023 at Artistic Dance Festival in East Longmeadow MA.

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