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Something We Share


April 2023

Project Type


Full Length Premiere

2023, created in residency at the Dragons Egg Studio




Garet Wierdsma in collaboration with Tatyana Johnson, Kyleigh Olivier and Noor Taweh


"The Spin" by Greg Haines, other sound bytes from the following coronet films: "Weight Reduction Through Diet" (1951), "How To Be Attractive" (1960s), and "Good Grooming for Girls" 1946 Edited by Garet Wierdsma

Live Presentations

"Garet&Co Artists Showcase," The Dragons Egg Studio, 2023
"ECLIPSE," The Warner Theater, 2024
"Interior," Battell Chapel Norfolk CT, 2024
"Spark Theatre Festival," Emerging Artists Theatre, 2024

Trigger warning: Harsh language and concepts surrounding body image, weight, food, and eating disorders.
“Something We Share” is a piece about beauty standards, perfectionism, and my personal experience with eating disorders and self abusive behaviors in the goal of achieving an unattainable goal of perfection. The piece uses the music “The Spin” by Greg Haines, overlaid with audio clips from 1950s and 60s coronet films. Though the films are now “outdated,” the twisted lessons taught to young people back then persist today- perhaps with even darker undertones in our current age of digital media and rampant comparison and competition, especially amongst young women. This piece explores how instructions from authority figures on how to achieve your best self as a woman can be said one way, and actioned in another by young ears. Taking care of how we teach young women to treat their bodies is vital, and through this piece we hope to heal a piece of our inner child.

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