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January 2024




Garet Wierdsma in collaboration with the dancers


Overcoats, Jon Hopkins, Emilíana Torrini, Mitski

Live Presentations

"ECLIPSE," The Warner Theatre, 2024
"Interior," Battell Chapel Norfolk CT, 2024
"Tapestry," Central Connecticut State University, 2024
"Artistic Dance Festival," Artistic Dance Conservatory, 2024

“bodieshatewomen” is an exploration on what it means to have a body as a woman. A woman’s body is idealized and sensationalized in our culture. Sometimes, it feels special and beautiful to be a woman. Confidence in women who love their bodies and own their own skin is so powerful. Other times, having a body as a woman is terrifying. Walking alone through the world in a woman’s body can feel inherently unsafe and stupid. Other times it is vital to have complete control over your external emotions when you have a woman’s body; to be 100% certain that no one could ever say you were too emotional, too loud, too needy, too angry, too much. Through this piece we explore these different ways of existing as a woman, and how impossible existence can feel.

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