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Project Type


Full Length Premiere





Garet Wierdsma in collaboration with the dancers


"Wonderful World" by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss, sung/interpreted by Garet Wierdsma, and
"Vessel," "Insides," and "The Wider Sun" by Jon Hopkins.

Live Presentations

"Dance Bloc NYC," Dixon Place, 2022
"5X5 Dance Festival," University of Saint Joseph, 2022
"ECLIPSE," The Warner Theatre, 2023
"and sometimes i wish & other works," Battell Chapel Norfolk CT, 2023


Sacred Heart University, 2022
Miss Porters School, 2023

It’s a hard world out there! And it's also very, very beautiful. WONDERFUL is an attempt to process the complexities and hypocrisies of the world around us- both the natural and the social; the earth and the humans that shape the earth. WONDERFUL deals with the sense of being all alone despite the abundance of life around us; of feeling trapped despite earth’s endless potential for freedom. WONDERFUL is both a dream and a prayer, a nightmare and a plea, and everything that is felt in between.

WONDERFUL began as a dance film created in the Spring of 2020 that was an official selection for Rogue Dance Film Fest. The work was transitioned into a live ensemble piece during Garet’s choreographic fellowship at Sacred Heart University in Spring of 2022. WONDERFUL was later commissioned for Miss Porters School. Garet&Co has performed WONDERFUL at Dixon Place for Dance Bloc NYC, at University of Saint Joseph for 5X5 Dance Festival, and Garet&Co’s ECLIPSE at the Warner Theatre.

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