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Heal for Me

Project Type


Full Length Premiere

October 2023




Garet Wierdsma in collaboration with the dancers


Son Lux

Live Presentations

"ECLIPSE," The Warner Theatre, 2023 (excerpt, previously titled "Come Recover Here"
"and sometimes i wish & other works," Battell Chapel Norfolk CT, 2023
Alchemy Movement Showcase, Hartford Dance Collective, 2023
Garet&Co Film Fest, Studio 860, 2023 (full length premiere)
5X5 Dance Festival, University of Saint Joseph, 2023
"ECLIPSE," The Warner Theatre, 2024

"Heal For Me" depicts and explores a manipulative and toxic relationship. For one person in the relationship, the person that is hurting them is the same person they go to when they need comfort and love. For the other, the person they love the most is also their easiest target to deflect negative feelings about themself. This second person is hurting deeply but can't separate the truth of their own pain from the existence of the person they love the most, constantly comparing themselves to this person. These two people are forever tangled together and stuck in a cycle of deep wounds cut by the other. The 5 additional dancers in the piece portray characters in the lives of this relationship- perhaps friends, siblings, colleagues, etc. These dancers help illustrate how easily we can turn people against each other, and the complexity of “taking sides.”

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